Sunday, 26 September 2010

Character Development- Final

This is my final turn around of my developed character
These are some facial expressions for my character

These are some poses that are trying to express different emotions

Friday, 24 September 2010

Character Development- follow on

These are just some character development just focusing on the face for now.

These are more development shots of one of the head designs that I liked the most. I did some drawings of the head from different angles to make sure that the character would be ok to animate.

Once I was happy with the face I decided to explore different body shapes that would match the face and suit the character I'm going for.

Animation Principles- Character Development

Quick emotion sketches- By using a partner we had to act out certain emotions so that our partners could draw them and we were given just a few seconds.
This was the same principle where we had a few seconds to get the drawings done but this time we had different recognisable characters within the community eg. Police officer, school boy etc. and we had to draw what we thought they looked like in a limited about of time again.

This is a turn around of Jade. We have to take these images and develop them further.