Friday, 18 February 2011

Digital Skills Ball Exercises

This is a small video showing the different ways you can move an object using the F-curve editor

This is a quick thumb nail drawing working out the timings for my ball bounce in softimage, I used the timings we wrote down in Andy's workshop as a starting point but adjusted the scale in softimage by eye. Below is the exercise Jon set for us with the ball trying to bounce over the wall.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Digital Ball Animations

This is just a croquet animation for digital skill 02

This is abit more complex with the ball rolling down the slide convincingly

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mr Potato Head

For digital skills 02 we were given the pieces to create a Mr and Mrs Potatohead in Soft Image. We had to move, rotate and scale them within the 3D software, then place them into positions to create an interesting, 3 panel comic strip.

To create my comic strip I used clever duplicating to get another body, rotated it so it was upside down, scaled it so that it was tall and skinny, then textured it in green. I then duplicated the eyes so that he had 3 eyes. I then duplicated some shoes and a pair of arms, and then scaled them, also I textured them along with the body to make them green, and the same skin tone. I turned a spare mouth sideways and then coloured that in blue, to create my alien. To create the overall sci-fi feel to the scene I added in a spotlight pointing it at the alien and gave the light a green glow, thus creating the green lighting effect. After I positioned my camera and got my screen shots I then took the images and put them into a special software specifically for making comic strips, and that's how I created my final piece.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Year 1 Semister 2

This is my blog for the Animation in Farnham. Now we've changed to blogger I'm alot happier about updating it more often as the wikis were very tricky. I hope you enjoy my blog.